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Things have changed a lot since the Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use Act (FUA) was passed by Congress in 1978. That law was passed at the time of an oil crisis and was designed to assure any baseload plant could, in theory, burn coal.

The measure was eventually repealed in 1987. As a result of the repeal, natural gas and oil could again be used to fuel large new baseload electric power plants.

Today, natural gas has become the fuel of choice for the vast majority of conventional power plants being built.

Issues connected with this 21st century dash-to-gas will be evaluated August 23, 2016 at the half-day GenForum event leading into PennWell’s POWER-GEN Natural Gas in Columbus, Ohio.

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Attend GenForum to:

Immerse yourself in critical content 
GenForum focuses on the most critical issues facing our industry today. Delivered by the power  industry’s heaviest hitters, the presentations, discussions and conversations will help you to maximize efficiency, reduce costs / risk and leverage your industry resources.

Gather intelligence about ongoing generation trends and projects in North America 
Presenters will share lessons learned from power generation projects that are currently under way, or that have ended successfully and unsuccessfully. For every project completed, there are a multitude of lessons and experiences to share — GenForum is the place to hear them!

Nowhere else can you get power generation content so regionally focused. GenForum is the event of the year for generation executives in North America.  Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the discussions that are shaping the generation industry in North America.



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